Birthday dinner

It was great!! Ate at outback!! I got lots of money.


Windows 8

So this Christmas I got a laptop w/ windows 8….. (well, I got money to buy it actually) I know now the difference between computer programs and mobile apps and how they are not the same. Computer programs (in my opinion) gives you more control if your doing work. But anyway, the screen is already broke :-(….. I am getting money to buy me an iPhone case, iPad screen, and laptop screen. 

My iPhone

Got an a iPhone 4 not too long ago, and <3’ing it! I now call myself “one of the cool teens” now. I got FB, email, twitter, map, and stuff for all my needs. I just love technology.


I have both~ Vhs and DVDs, I keep all my old tapes and some dvds upstairs and the rest of the dvds downstairs…To me, DVDs are more light and easier- but more classic shows are on VHS Tapes. I have to say~ both.

Cloud Computing

Lately I have been using Nivio ( for accessing Windows on the iPad, which is called “cloud computing”. It let’s me store files and run computer programs on my iPad. Awesome! 


Now I am obsessed with thrift stores. I love looking at DVDs, VHS tapes, Records, Music CDs, Books, and other things. It’s like where I can get all my entertainment. Yes, they have new stuff too. You never know what youre gonna find in there. 

A Heartbroken Blog Post….

Today, in CT, the elementary school a guy shoot 26 students and it’s very sad. I felt very awful for all the students, teachers, and parents….. Here’s what I tweeted and Facebooked 


“Is very heartbroken about the elementary school in CT…praying for them. Bless theyre hearts. The guy that killed the student was jerk!!”


Please pray and I will do the same…..