Cloud Computing

Lately I have been using Nivio ( for accessing Windows on the iPad, which is called “cloud computing”. It let’s me store files and run computer programs on my iPad. Awesome! 



Now I am obsessed with thrift stores. I love looking at DVDs, VHS tapes, Records, Music CDs, Books, and other things. It’s like where I can get all my entertainment. Yes, they have new stuff too. You never know what youre gonna find in there. 

A Heartbroken Blog Post….

Today, in CT, the elementary school a guy shoot 26 students and it’s very sad. I felt very awful for all the students, teachers, and parents….. Here’s what I tweeted and Facebooked 


“Is very heartbroken about the elementary school in CT…praying for them. Bless theyre hearts. The guy that killed the student was jerk!!”


Please pray and I will do the same…..